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Who's Rex, and why YOU need him?
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• Improve your vacation plans and travel worry & hassle free
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• LIBYA - Rex was one of the first Americans there, Read his report and how you can get there
• Hot Travel Finds
• Incredible Trips -- BUT TRUE
• Rex knows family travel
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You can improve your Vacation!
Consulting with Rex Fritschi, CTC, can help you, your family
and friends to a more rewarding, cost-effective and
unforgettable travel experience.

You don't need Rex. . . . .
if you are sure where you are going and what you are going to do once there. Virtually everything is now on the Web. More and more reservations can be made online.

  • Are you absolutely certain that the resort or cruise ship you have your eye on is the one you belong on? Will it fulfill your personal wants and needs and, above all, will it please the people traveling with you?
  • Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the choices, "deals" and marketing thrown at you?
  • Are you fussy and demanding? With the time, effort and expense you are investing in this vacation….. you have all rights to be!
  • Do you want to do and see things out of the ordinary, experience the unusual, escape the hordes of "trippers", be ahead of the madding crowd, - - yet, still enjoy the best value for your dollar?

    You need to consult with Rex Fritschi

    To satisfy an increasing demand for his consulting service Fritschi has formed his personal consulting service: Rex Fritschi, LLC, with the trade name: REX CLASS.

    His acumen is based on:
  • A life long devotion to the travel industry. Click on his Bio.
  • Consulting thousands of upscale travelers, associations and corporations
  • Serving on Advisory Boards of leading travel-related companies
  • Serving his industry at ASTA and ICTA
  • Being extremely well traveled (for details click on Where has Rex been? also What Ships has Rex sailed on? )
  • Commanding vast expertise in the online travel field
  • Maintaining many long-standing and personal contacts with leaders in the travel, transportation and hospitality fields - world-wide.

    You are invited to avail yourself of Rex Fritschi's expertise. Please view his BIO elsewhere on this site. In this rapidly changing and increasingly challenging world of travel Rex's input may be the assistance you need. It is worth your while to find out.

    Many references from across the country can be furnished.
    Rex Fritschi welcomes your enquiry.      Contact Rex

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