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Shark Adventures

Shark Diving: Visit the world of the Great White SharkSpecially designed shark viewing cagesShark diving crews make your dive safe for you and for the sharks
Photos ©Alan Studley

Meet the Sharks - Up Close and Personal!

What is Shark Diving?
Shark diving, or cage diving, allows divers, researchers and film crews to view the extraordinary world of Great White Sharks in comfort and safety. Specially designed shark viewing cages provide adequate protection for the sharks from sport divers, while allowing divers total freedom of movement and panoramic views. Our shark diving crews are industry professionals who care about your safety and enjoyment. Equally important, they care about making our dives safe for the sharks.

Is Shark Diving Safe?
As safe as we can make it. To date, our most serious injury has been a sunburn. White sharks have many myths surrounding them. One is that they are killing machines attacking anything in sight. We have found that even at the height of a feeding event with multiple animals around a carcass, white sharks prove to be shy, slow moving animals. Our divers are amazed to learn first hand that these animals are almost gentle. That said, divers should always maintain a healthy respect for these awesome predators, in and out of the water!

Shark Adventures

Join us for one, or all three of these incredible shark diving adventures:

The Farallons Great white sharks are closer than you think! This one-day Absolute Adventures Shark Dive departs from San Francisco, California and takes you to the Gulf of the Farallons National Marine Sanctuary.

Isla Guadalupe Be among the first to discover the world's most exciting new white shark dive site. Isla Guadalupe is located off the coast of Mexico. On this Absolute Adventure, you'll spend five days living at sea.

False Bay (Cape Town) Just down the coast from our Cape Town jets, there's another incredible adventure. Shark dives depart from the scenic village of Simon's Town and are led by a professional shark photographer and experienced researcher. Dive for one day or dive for ten.

You may e-mail us at rexclass@aol.com.

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