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Most would not dream of going to IRAQ and LIBYA (!)
but, if you want I can tell you how to get there - - and back!

A reliable Canadian company, that got my wife and me to Iran - and back - a number of years ago, is now running small escorted tour groups, one to IRAQ and the other to TUNISIA, LYBIA & EGYPT. The main attraction being the great archaeological sites that have been closed to us for such a long time.

For years I have always been a strong proponent to the idea that tourism is the greatest healer and "curtain opener". One of the main reasons for the collapse of both the hideous Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were the hordes of tourists from the West penetrating those benighted countries and meeting the local people. Also, some of the money - not all - that we spend in these poor and mismanaged countries does filter down to the ordinary people and makes their miserable lives just a little easier.

That is why my wife and I were amongst the first to visit such "NO-NO" countries as the pre-Iron Curtain Russia, China, East Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania. Also, Myanmar (Burma), Iran, Syria and Cuba.

Yes, for those who are itching to go (I am not!) I know of two escorted tours - one in May, the other in July, 2003 - to NORTH KOREA ! The July departure coincides with the famous Mass Games in Pyongyang.

So, if you want to visit the "vacation paradises" of Iraq, Lybia or North Korea I'll tell you whom to call. Sorry, personally, I cannot handle it.

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