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Let's fall off the Edge of the World - - together!

How you ask? By joining my wife and me on a truly unique exploration to the Edge of the World.
Imagine cruising on a comfortable, small, 60-passenger vessel for a month visiting the most unusual spots you have never been to:

On February 24 we fly via Santiago (Chile) to the FALKLAND ISLANDS to board our boat, the Clipper Adventurer. She offers us Zodiac tours, landings, and shipboard lectures. Other highlights include:

  • The wildlife of South Georgia, including fur seals and king penguins
  • Geogh Island a UNESCO World Heritage site teaming with wild-life
  • The rarely visited, mid-Atlantic islands of Tristan da Cunha to visit Capt. Bligh's relatives, St. Helena - was Napoleon really poisoned??, and Ascension Island - a WW2 landing strip.
  • The fauna of the Gambia River in West Africa: baboons, colobus monkeys, antelopes, and 250 species of birds

    A veritable Paradise for Nature Lovers and Photographers!

    We disembark on March 26 in DAKAR and fly home.

    You may remain on board and continue for another 15 days to the Cape Verde and Canary Islands, then Morocco, Gibraltar, Cadiz and end in Lisbon.

    The cruise fare starts at $ 9,990.

    Isn't this the closest to falling off the Edge of the World we'll ever get?
    (Code: EOW)
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    Want to rent
    the most LUXURIOUS, PRIVATE ISLAND in the World?

    Located in the Exumas in the southern Bahama islands this very private island has everything:
  • Five luxurious homes including the 10,000 sq. ft. Manor House
  • Seven private beaches and a huge free-form swimming pool
  • Lighted tennis court and a beachfront air-conditioned gym
  • Steam room and massage room
  • Golf carts for guests and jogging path
  • Fishing boats, water-ski boats and touring boats
  • Water skis and snorkeling equipment
  • Sunfish sailboat, Hobie Cat and Windsurfers
  • Bombardier 3-person wave runner
  • Excellent deep water docking that can accommodate vessels up to 200 ft long
  • Complete staff from cooks to gardeners
    The daily rates below depend of how many persons are in your private group. They include all meals, beverages, unlimited use of all island's amenities. An additional 5% service charge covers Bahamian tax and staff gratuities
    Effective now through October 31, 2002
    For 1 to 7 persons
    $20,000 per night
    For 20 to 24 persons
    $38,750 per night
    Effective after November 1, 2002
    For 1 to 7 persons
    $20,000 per night
    For 20 to 24 persons
    $44,750 per night
    Guests are guaranteed exclusive use of the island. A minimum stay of three nights is required.            (Code: MCI)
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    Marjorie Merriweather Post loved her and lived aboard . . .
    You can re-live that golden age:

    Her ship, the legendary Sea Cloud, a unmatched classic four-master designed and built for the finest life had to offer with money no object. In the winter she is in the Caribbean, in the summer in Sardinia, Sicily and the Greek Isle, visiting tiny islands and remote ports as Marjorie Post would have done.

    This is for those few who want to relive the luxury and peace of a great era that will never return. Call me for the brochure.
    (Code: SCD)
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    The great American West . . . but in elegant comfort and seclusion:
    I can offer a few truly select Guest Ranches far away from the madding crowd in their own private reserve. They offer very comfortable accommodation, excellent food and a great wine cellar. The owner/managers are there to cater to your every wish. These ranches are for those who want to taste the great western out doors - - but at their own terms. Here is one example:

    A small, private ranch at 7,000 feet in a remote region of Colorado tucked away in a valley surrounded on three sides by the West Elk Mountains, with direct access to the Gunnison National Forest. Dating back to the 1890s it is owned by the same rancher family for four generations. Outstanding for families, hiking or horseback riding in the wilderness or the 3,000 ft. deep Black Canyon also for fly fishing the rare Colorado Cutthroat trout.
    (Code: SFR)
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    HELI-SKI the Volcanoes of KAMCHATKA (Russia)
    Take beautiful bright blue sky; add volcanoes and mountains covered with thick layers of the softest snow. Mix in a bit of Russian charm and Kamchatka's exoticism and you have the perfect recipe for one of the most exciting and refreshingly original skiing/snowboarding vacations that you will ever take in your life.

    Here, in this land of geysers, hot mineral springs and remote mountain valleys you will have an opportunity to test several volcanoes with different skiing conditions - Mutnovsky, Viliuchinsky, Gorely, Dzendzur, Zhupanovsky, Bakening, Avacha. These volcanoes can make any skier or snowboarder go weak in the knees. All the volcanoes are situated 20-40 minutes of fly time from the helipad. The differentiation of the downhill ride is from 1200 m (Bakening volcano) to 2000 meters (Zhupanovsky volcano). The drop point on the slope will be defined in accordance with your skiing skills. Our helicopter can take you to normally inaccessible areas where you can truly enjoy the thrill of carving your own path and marking out a route fit just for you. Having worked in Russia for over 10 years, we are able to provide you with the know-how to make your vacation and exploration safe and secure. We only employ ski and snowboard instructors with the highest international qualifications and use Mi-8 helicopters, used by the most prestigious organizations in the Russian Federation, including the president's office. We also offer a full-coverage ski safety and emergency evacuation plan in coalition with the American Clinic in Moscow.

    Come and enjoy your winter vacation in the heart of Kamchatka, on the border of Russia and the Pacific, where the powder snow is deep, the air is fresh and crisp and the mountains and volcanoes are magnificent. Ski down slopes where no man has yet left his mark, enjoy great native Russian cuisine and the Russian banya, and swim in warm geothermal springs. Interactive Russia wants to open up Russia's fantastic exotic ski resorts to you! Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

    If you are interested in joining us this coming winter or simply want more information on skiing, heli-skiing/boarding in Russia, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and email us at rexclass@aol.com or visit our site at http://www.rexclass.com.
    (Code: VKR)
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    You hate flying ? Then take the train. . . . .

    In EUROPE and JAPAN nobody flies to a neighboring city. All take the train. The EUROSTAR between London and Paris, the TGV between Paris and the Provence, the Intercity between Hamburg and Berlin are faster (and less expensive) than taking a plane.

    Then, all over the world there are fabulous, nostalgic luxury trains that offer a truly memorable experience. Here are some (many of these I have taken):
         E-mail me for information and reservations.      

    North America:
    The American Orient Express. This deluxe train offers programs ranging from national parks of the West to the Antebellum South to autumn visits to New England. Her equipment comprises of vintage carriages assembled from museums and private collections.
    (Code: AOE)

    Rocky Mountaineer Railtours. These are two-day to one week excursion through the heart of the Canadian Rockies - usually out of Vancouver. Its glass-domed cars are a big hit.
    (Code: RMR)

    The Northern Belle. A new product of the famous Orient Express using a train of delightful British vintage cars to tour England, Scotland and Wales. Weekly trips include special activities, such as a visit to Castle Howard.
    (Code: NOB)

    The Venice Simplon Orient Express. At least once in your life you have to experience the VSOE! She is the grand daddy of all these great restored vintage trains. You travel in super luxury between London and Paris to Venice or Vienna. What a great experience! I have the departure dates and fares.
    (Code: VSO)

    The Royal Scotsman is a veritable Bastion of Luxury Travel - only 36 passengers - that spend the summers cruising around Scotland with a few trips between London and Scotland. Every season she is sold out. You must plan now for next year.
    (Code: RSM)

    The ORIENT:
    The Eastern & Oriental Express. If you are ever in South East Asia you must fit in the one-way, two-night journey on this super luxurious vintage train that shuttles between Singapore and Bangkok. Your huge cabins include a private shower or tub-bath. I spent hours on the open viewing platform at the end of the train as we rolled through the lush, tropical and very colorful country-side.
    (Code: EOE)

    This exciting area is blessed with two world-famous trains. Either one should be an integral part of your next visit to South Africa.
    The Blue Train runs regularly between Pretoria and Johannesburg to Capetown.
    Rovos Rail runs two trains through the wonders of this area from Pretoria to Durban or Victoria Falls and along the scenic Garden Route. Part way under steam!
    (Code: SAR)

    The Nostalgic Istanbul Orient Express runs three times each summer between Beijing and Moscow visiting remote areas in China, Mongolia and Siberia. You travel in beautifully restores 1920s, and -30s equipment of the original, famous Orient Express, now owned and operated by a Swiss company. It even pulls its own shower car. Special packages in China and Moscow at either end are available, as are special around the world air-fares.
    (Code: NIO)

    Besides the famous GHAN running between Sydney/Melbourne to Adelaide to Alice Springs, and the INDIAN PACIFIC crossing the continent from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth, there is the Great South Pacific Express - another historic luxury train taking in 9 days from Sydney up the east coast of Australia to tropical Cairns close to the Great Barrier Reef. Include this journey on your next visit to the South Pacific.
    (Code: GSP)

    Call or e-mail me if on your next vacation you want to include such magic train trips as on the
    Glacier Express between St.Moritz and Zermatt in Switzerland,
    Kuranda Rail out of Cairs in Australia,
    Trans Siberian between Moscow and Vladivostock in Russia,
    Copper Canyon out of Los Mochis in northern Mexico,
    Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen in Norway,
    Shinkansen mainly the one between Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan,
    AVE between Seville and Madrid in Spain,
    Rheingold Express between Amsterdam and Basel
    ICE going 205 mph between Frankfurt and Cologne, and elsewhere in Germany

    Do you remember those great American trains?

    20th Century Limited      between Chicago and New York
    Super Chief                     from Chicago to Los Angeles
    California Zephyr            from Chicago to San Francisco
    Panama Limited              from Chicago to New Orleans
    Broadway Limited           from Chicago to New York
    Empire Builder                 from Chicago to Portland and Seattle

    What have I missed? Do send me an e-mail and let me know.

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