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Fly the MiG-25 to the Edge of Space!FLY THE MIG-25 TO THE EDGE OF SPACE

Of all the legendary MiGs, the MiG-25 "Foxbat" flies the fastest and goes the highest. We've got a seat reserved for you in the cockpit of this amazing supersonic high altitude interceptor. It's capable of Mach 3.2 and rockets to a height of over 80,000 feet - to the edge of space where the sky is black above and blue below.

Your pilot will be one of Russia's finest top guns and you'll have the best seat in the house for an unforgettable view of planet Earth!

David Lubin: Flew the MiG-25 to the Edge of SpaceWhat It's Like - by David Lubin: "The flight experience, from the dress-up, briefing, and ejection training to the take-off, flight, and landing, was an adventure that will stay with me forever. It was more than I ever imagined! At the top-secret Zhukovsky Air Force Base, my wife Shannon apprehensively watched on the ground with her new friends Galina, Nick, and the ground crew, as I began to live out my lifelong dream." ~ David Lubin

What It's Like - by Max Dereta: "I can feel the acceleration and enormous power of the engines behind me. I actually feel (and look) like an astronaut. My body is completely protected by a special G-suit. With a full-face helmet, hermetically closed, I breathe only 100% pure oxygen pumped inside. I'm strapped into the ejection seat in the front cockpit . Alexandre is in a separate cockpit , behind and above me. We can't see each other, we can only talk via the radio. But we don't talk much anyway. As we climb higher and higher, the view becomes more and more breathtaking, almost surrealistic. I've never seen anything like it before. Among all the instruments in front of me, I pay attention to only two: the speed indicator which shows Mach 2,8 and the needle on the altimeter rises to number 27,000. In other words, we are flying with the speed of more than 3000 km/h at an altitude of 27 kilometers- almost three times higher than Boeing 747 normally flies or, say, more than three times as high as Mt. Everest!"

Fly the MiG-25 Foxbat to the Edge of Space with Incredible Adventures

What It's Like - by Simon Ward (from MiG-25 to the Edge of Space, 2002) "Later, Alex invited me to take the controls. This was fantastic. I got to fly the MiG-25. I started with some very cautious banking to either side. Then I tried some bigger turns.. the intercom came on - "Do not bank steeper than 30 Simon". Once I'd got the hang of things, Alex asked me to turn to a heading of 310, the direction of the air base. "Maintain the descent at 650 (kph)" - so I eased the stick forward a little. The flying was great!

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