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Join us in February (2003)
Be among the first to experience underwater flight!

Deep Flight Aviator: a new class of hydrobatic submersible craft built to fully explore underwater flight.
Underwater flight becomes a reality for the first time

Imagine, if you will...traveling back in time to the year 1903. Orville Wright has invited you to be the co-pilot on one of the world's very first airplane flights. If your response to Orville would have been a roaring "let's go!", this adventure is for you.

Be among the first in the world to experience a totally new dimension of flight…underwater. Hundreds have traveled to space. No one has yet experienced the incredible thrill of a Deep Flight Adventure

Deep Flight Aviator: light-weight, high-powered composite airframe with wings, thruster and flight controls.
The Deep Flight Aviator - unique hydrobatic submersible craft

The Deep Flight Aviator is a new class of hydrobatic submersible craft, built to fully explore underwater flight. Think of conventional submersibles as slow, bulky, stiff underwater balloons, and the Deep Flight Aviator as a lightweight, high-powered, composite airframe with wings, thruster and flight controls. It is similar in configuration to the USAF A10 and is piloted by two crew. The Deep Flight Aviator looks like an airplane and flies like an airplane. The sub is fully hydrobatic; it can even barrel roll with dolphins! The Aviator will break all kinds of new records that have never even been thought of: fastest ascent/descent; longest/fastest search range (for a submersible); first (one atmosphere) inverted flight; and more!

The man behind the Deep Flight Aviator is Graham Hawkes, the inventor of a significant percent of all manned underwater vehicles ever built for research or industrial use.

"The Aviator is unlike anything in existence, and the underwater experience is unparalleled. In conventional subs, you perch on a seat; in the Aviator, you strap tightly into the same five-point harness restraints used by Indy car racers. Moreover, you will see more! Even the best of today's submersibles are equivalent to scouting the jungle for tigers with a marching band," says Hawkes. "Traditional submersibles are noisy and lit up like Christmas trees. Any organism that can flee, does."

Deep Flight Aviator: combines the underwater viewing of a submersible with the low intrusiveness of a stealth submarineThe Deep Flight Aviator combines the freedom of scuba and the depth capability and underwater viewing of a submersible with the low intrusiveness of a stealth submarine. A traditional submersible must slowly sink down to its desired depth. The battery-propelled Deep Flight Aviator is "flown" quickly and quietly to its destination.

The deep ocean is a truly alien world. It has the infinite vastness of outer space, but unlike space, it is heavily populated with alien creatures, geologic features, and ancient shipwrecks awaiting discovery. There is little we can say to prepare you for the mind-altering experience of a Deep Flight Adventure.

You may e-mail us at rexclass@aol.com.

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