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How I cope with JET LAG:

  • I take non-stop flights wherever possible. It gives me more time to adjust once I get there. Eastbound across the Atlantic I try to take day flights. From New York to London there are a number of day flights. American Airlines has a daily day flight from Chicago to London. After an overnight at a London Airport hotel I feel so much better to continue on to my destination. Naturally, the best way to cross the Atlantic is on the supersonic CONCORDE !
  • A good idea I learned was soon after boarding the flight to set my watch to the time of my destination and to start living in that time zone. For instance, I try to take a nap when people are in bed at my destination.
  • It takes will-power (which I lack….), but I should stay away from alcohol. It is a diuretic and plays havoc with my sleep pattern.
  • They tell me that as soon as I arrive I should get out in the sunshine. Why? Because natural light stimulates the pineal gland and help regulate the circadian rhythms.
  • On arrival I try to get some exercise - at least a nice long walk (the hotel room is not ready anyhow). This helps me readjust quicker.
  • When I am on business I try not to have meetings for a day or two.
  • Special diets and Melatonin just seem not to work for me
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    Some recommended Travel Health Sites:

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention          www.cdc.gov.travel
              It provides up to date information on disease outbreaks and vaccine requirements
              for different countries and regions.

    International Society of Travel Medecine             www.istm.org
              This  also  tells  you  what  "shots"  you  need.  Also  refers you  to  travel   health
              specialists and clinics around the world.

    Passport Health                                                 www.passporthealthusa.com
              For  international  travelers  it  provides  information  on  immunizations,  health
              products and information. It maintains 31 US franchises specializing in travelers'
              health requirements.

    Travel Health Online                                          www.tripprep.com
              This  site  offers  a  well-organized  collection  of  sections on travel related health
              concerns.  It  offers  helpful information for travelers with heart disease, diabetes
              and pulmonary problems.
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    As an Incentive for Academic Effort
    reward your child with a never to be forgotten adventure:
    (or, it can be a very special birthday or graduation gift)
    a family Safari to KENYA!

    I can recommend a summer or a Holiday program to Kenya that is tailored with your children and grand children in mind. Picture your young people enjoying

  • An educational visit to Nairobi's Giraffe Center and Ostrich Farm
  • Tree planting in Amboseli at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Child friendly meals
  • Camelback rides and chimp viewing at Sweetwaters Game Reserve
  • The lions of Masai Mara
  • Tribal dancing in Samburu and in the Mara
  • Rhino sanctuary visits
  • Maasai school and village visits
  • Swimming pools at every overnight stop
  • A childrens' coordinator throughout.
    and imagine how much fun you will have!

    I can offer other great and unusual family vacations, such as Rafting on the Rogue or Salmon Rivers, Italy, Morocco, Ireland, the Galapagos Islands & Ecuador and Costa Rica, even Australia and China. (This sure beats wasting nearly as much money at Disney or a Hawaiian beach!)
    Let's discuss this.
    (Code: FHO)
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    A growing Trend in Cruising for the Sophisticate:

    Maybe you're tired of the big ships with all their endless entertainment and facilities, - or, maybe the new 2,000 + passenger mega-ship turn you off. Then, let me suggest a small number of very popular exploration and yacht-like vessels that skirt the coastlines of the Baltic, the ancient shores of the Mediterranean, the Amazon and South America, the remote islands in the Atlantic and Pacific.

    These ships carry about 100 passengers, have excellent local lecturers and guides aboard and offer a great and relaxed feeling of camaraderie and adventure. Sorry, no bingo, no pool parties, no dance band, to Broadway show, no casino….!

    For instance, from Athens to Crete in one week you visit Andros, Tinos, Delos, Mykonos, Serifos, Sifnos, Folegandros and Santorini (even I have not visited most of these!).

    Or, the Castaway Islands between Curacao to Belem in 16 days calling at Los Roques, Margarita, Trinidad, the Orinoco River, Guyana, Paramaribo, Iles du Salut, Marajo Island.

    What a perfect way to escape the routine!

    I have many more recommendations ranging from Antartica to the Shetland Islands.Call or e-mail me.
    (Code: EXC)
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