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Finally the mystery is solved!

For hundreds of years theologians of all faiths have been grappling with the fundamental question: What did Jesus Christ eat at the Last Supper? I am sure this question has been keeping you awake on many a night.

I have solved it?

Recently, Barbara and I enjoyed a brief stay in Lima, Peru, - a greatly improved and cleaned-up city. This time we explored the great Spanish colonial treasures in downtown Lima, especially the 16th C. monastery of San Francisco. This is a beautiful edifice embellished with huge paintings of the school of Rubens and Murillo, lovely wood carvings and acres of hand painted tile - all brought in from Spain by galleon to Panama, carted on mule-back across the Isthmus, then on another ship down the coast to Peru. The timbers, by the way, of this huge complex were carted in by ship from Colombia!

Under the monastery are miles of catacombs piled with the bones of 20,000 monks and Spanish inhabitants - but, that's another story.....

Anyway, exploring this monastery we came to the huge refectory, one wall of which is covered by an immense oil painting of the Last Supper that was created in Peru.

Here it is:

Now if you enlarge it and focus on the plate in front of Jesus you will see what he is eating. See it? It is the Peruvian national dish - a CUY - a roasted Guinea Pig!

The age old mystery is now solved!

By the way...... there has always been that persistent rumor in ecclesiastical circles that sitting to the right of Jesus in not St.Mark, but (shhhhhhh...) Mary Magdalen.
Well, look at this picture! I withhold all comments.. . . . 

Back to my Guinea Pig (CUY) story: After discovering that Jesus enjoyed a plate of roasted CUY I just had to experience this culinary sensation. I badgered my dear friend, Eduardo Arrarte, the founder of the venerable Lima Tours, to find me a restaurant that serves CUY. He found one and here I am - - ready to dig in:

How did it taste, you ask? Call me and I'll tell you. Barbara swears it was a rat, but its head and teeth look like those of a guinea pig.

Now you can sleep nights knowing what was served at the Last Supper!




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