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Period: September, 10 to December, 31.

Services included:

- Meeting and seeing off at intermediate airports and Yakutsk;
- Paperwork: permits, visas and documents.
- Hotel accommodation, three meals a day, transportation to Yakutsk.
- Assistance at the hunters' camp with three meals a day providing a security guide and an interpreter.
- Giving an opportunity of getting a trophy.
- Assisting in trophy conservation and veterinary services.
- Transportation - horses, deer, boats, snowmobiles.
- Providing hunting dogs to fetch a wounded animal.
- Excursions, souvenirs shopping - at the client's choice.


· Double and single occupancy rooms
· Accommodation on a hunting tour:
At hunting base: a completely comfortable hunter's house.
At hunting camp: hunting cabins, heated tents.

Location of hunting areas:

Not more than 250-350 km from ulus centers and Yakutsk. At Inderekei district of Verkhoyanie mounts and upper Dyanyshka and Leepiske rivers.


- To Yakutsk: via Aeroflot planes, 2 flights from Moscow daily; On Tuesday and Saturday from Khabarovsk; On Wed from Vladivostok;
- To the hunting area: AN-2 planes belonging to Ilin air company or by Mi-8 helicopter.
- While on a hunting tour: by foot; deer or horse transportation (summer), boats or snowmobiles (winter).

Equipment requirements:

· Take warm clothes and make sure you have clothing to change into. Average summer temperature ranges from 0 to +10 C during the day, –5- -10 C at night.
· in October-November the temperature may fall down to –25- -30 C. Snow layer depth varies from 30 to 50 cm. Warm clothes and boots are very important.

Special terms:

· Not less than 3 clients per a hunting tour;
· 1 or 2 clients can be invited if they guarantee at least 2 trophies in addition to a moose or a bear, otherwise they are to pay the amount equal to 2 trophies;
· The term “trophy” means horns, skull, and fell of an animal.


· tour leader
· 1 hunting guide per client
· 1 interpreter
· 1 camp employee (cook).

Warranty :

The bear population is stable. The average weight of the animal is 200-300 kg. There are also larger ones weighing over 400 kg.

Hunting methods:

1. Searching from snowmobiles and reindeer sleds alongside mountain slopes close to bear habitats. You shoot at a hardly moving object. Shooting distance is normally 100-300 meters and more. This hunting method is used in October and/or November. Incidental trophy (a moose) is possible.
2. Ambush hunting with bait set up in advance. You shoot from a closer distance at a hardly moving object. Shooting distance: 100-150 meters.
3. Checking the surroundings with the chief hunter along mountain slopes by a river. The hunting takes place in daytime on visual detection of an animal. The shooting distance ranges from 100 to 300 meters.

Base price from USD 3290

You may e-mail us at rexclass@aol.com.

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