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All sorts of people do and should get away over the Christmas and New Year's Holidays:

A)   Families with kids & grand-kids: These days, families are spread all over the country. Rather than having the members fight traffic and weather to reach that family homestead in Minnesota and then having to squeeze into the old house, families are meeting in a tropical resort*, or, better, aboard a cruise ship**, - especially one that offers an air/sea plan. (This means, that, no matter what, the cruise line has the responsibility to fly you to the ship and back. Over the Holidays this solves a real problem!).

Rex, really knows the right resort or ship that would satisfy your family.

*  a tropical resort could be on the island of Maui, Puerto Rico, Jamaica or on the west coast of Mexico, such as Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. If your family group comprises all ages, from toddlers to seniors, let Rex select the right, all-inclusive CLUB MED or SANDALS. But, you must hurry! So much is already sold out with Holiday flights becoming very tight!
**  the cruise ship Rex selects for you will be large with lots of entertainment and - above all - with childrens' programs catering to all ages. Again, such ships are becoming heavily booked.

B)   Single Folks: Alone, the Holidays can be grim! There is just no better way to escape the Holiday blues than either taking a large, quality cruise ship that is not just full of couples and families. Or, join an escorted tour group*** that carries you into a dream world, and is so interesting that you have no time to dwell on your Blues.

*** Some Escorted Tour ideas over the Holidays:

  • Two weeks aboard an exploration ship to Antarctica.
  • A 12-day Safari in East Africa.
  • A 14-day escorted visit to Southern Africa, Botswana & Victoria Falls.
  • 11 days in Egypt exploring the Nile Valley.
  • Two or three weeks to Australia.
  • One or two weeks in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • . . . . . . and more

    C)   Then, there are those with such large, extended families and so many friends, with all these themselves caught up in the Holiday frenzy, with their own schedules and priorities….. It is best to ESCAPE them all!

    This is what Barbara and Rex do for the last many Holiday Season - and we love it!(We suspect our relatives and friends are relieved that we're out of town. . . . . .)

    Our recent HOLIDAY ESCAPES were:

    Cruising from California to Florida through the Panama Canal aboard the Radisson Seven Seas cruise ship, the Seven Seas Navigator. The ship was dripping with fabulous Holiday decorations, and we'll never forget celebrating New Year's Eve at a lavish poolside party while passing many ships as we transited the Canal.

    A two and a half week independent touring program of magical Southern India. Yes, India. An unbelievable experience with never to be forgotten experiences and sights. Christmas eve we celebrated mass in a church in Madurai with all the female parishioners in the finest saris. New Year's Eve in a rambling Victorian hotel in the hills of Ooty. All the locals came to this event assembling in a party tent with a huge Indian buffet, dance band, fireworks - the whole nine yards.

    Come join us this coming Holiday!

    We're off to our favorite destination: South/East Asia, to board on the resort island of Phuket, Thailand, a very unusual cruise ship, the STAR FLYER. She sails on December 21 for one or two weeks and pokes around the warm and sunny Andaman Sea.

    On this modern version of a tall Clipper Ship you will discover a new age of sail where the traditions of the past are happily married to the comforts and amenities of the present day. Only 170 passengers, fully air-conditioned, very informal, open seating dining, huge teak decks, comfortable cabins with all the amenities of a modern cruise ship ……
    sorry, no floorshows or Bingo!

    Where do we go, you ask? Besides colorful Penang in Malaysia, the rest of the time is exploring the myriad, hidden islands with their unspoiled beaches and dream-like natural beauty. Just perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in really untouched waters. (Barbara and I both have our snorkel-gear with prescription lenses polished and ready!).

    Yes, Rex has special fares, both air and sea, and countless ideas what you can do before or after this one or two week friendly, informal and relaxing voyage.

    Copyright © 2002 Rex Fritschi LLC. All rights reserved.