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My Fees:

As a consultant I offer a completely unbiased, expert advice and knowledge to perfectly match you with the vacation you envision. I assist in creating for you an unforgettable travel experience.

You may book yourself the travel arrangements I recommend on the Web, through your own travel agency, or, if you wish, I can recommend the fine travel agency I founded and once owned, REX TRAVEL, Chicago. This I sold to my expert management team.

My travel advice service was featured in the Wall Street Journal, branding me with a, no doubt exaggerated, "Superagent". In my Bio you will see that I have truly "seen and done it all".

Private consulting for Individuals;
$100 per hour
plus communication expenses
Private consulting to Businesses and Associations
$175 per hour
plus research, communication and travel expenses

Initial Fee:
After our first conversation or e-mail exchange I will be asking for a non-refundable Initial Fee.. The will be deducted from the first scheduled invoice. This may be paid for by check or major credit card.

For individuals my Initial Fee will be $100 per person with a minimum of $200.

For Businesses and Associations an Initial Fee of $500 is required.

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