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I have been traveling the globe for over thirty years. In my experience, Rex Fritschi is the finest travel counselor I have ever experienced. Rex knows the world like no one else I know. He is a master of his trade and passionate about the world and all its wonders.

Seattle, WA         

We've traveled before, but since being counseled by Rex and benefiting from his vast travel knowledge and expertise our vacations have been more enriching and unforgettable. Rex just knows what to see and do, where to stay and how best to get there. His many years in travel sure pay off for us.

L. M.                    
Greenwich, CT      

Rex is truly the best, unlimited travel knowledge and dedication. And, when I have really needed him with a new to me destination, he has been there.

Chicago, IL            

We have worked with him for over 40 years. "There must be thousands of travel agents between La Jolla and Chicago - why Rex Fritschi?" The answer was simple: because there is only ONE Rex Fritschi! We have yet to find a travel agent with his profound and extensive knowledge of virtually all areas of the world, and not just travel connections, but the depth of cultural, historical and political information.

F. & R. R.              
La Jolla, CA           

It doesn't matter whether we are in Romania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Russia, France, or Italy …. the private tour guides and drivers you arrange for us always exceed our highest expectations.

T. & P. S.              
Burr Ridge, IL        

We have traveled to many destinations……..none were more enjoyable and educational than the ones that were arranged by Rex Fritschi. Our trips were so well planned, that one would think they were scripted by a movie producer……..We were treated to sights and folklore in areas that most travelers would not be aware of, or have access to enjoy. Our last family trip was so memorable - an unforgettable family get-together that our children will always cherish.

Rex, with grateful hearts we extend our thanks for wonderful travel experiences you provided.

Dr. V. K. & S. J.           
Boynton Beach, FL        

For over thirty years my wife and I have been travel enthusiasts and have relied on Rex for his advice and arrangements. His deep knowledge of all parts of the world and his wisdom in selecting itineraries and accommodations have made out trips both exciting and memorable.

C. & M. B.           
Wilmette, IL        

We've been clients of Rex for many years and have always relied on his superior knowledge and advice for the best hotels and itineraries wherever we have wanted to go. Rex gives truly personalized service.

H. & F. F.                
River Forest, IL        

Your help with our travel planning has been immeasurable. Your knowledge and creative touch has made each trip a wonderful and unique experience. With sensitivity to our needs and interests, you have always devised the perfect travel plan. Thank you for enabling us to explore the world in style and manner in which we like to travel.

We learned it early; there are travel agents … and then there is Rex Fritschi. The difference is the way Rex gets to know you, so that he can create a travel experience that is just right for you. Looking forward to many more such travel experiences.

D. K. & K. W.                
Lincolnwood, IL             

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