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What is AskRex, how can it help the online travel industry?

The Problem: Where does the online user find the vacation he really wants?
Thousands of travel agencies are closing with airlines and other suppliers not being able to fill the gap. The public turns to the Web and is confronted by a confusing plethora of travel product with no "help desk" to direct it to the vacation product that fits its bill. The public surfing the Web is looking, but not booking as it is turned off. The vacation travel, hospitality and transportation industries suffer.
In today's highly competitive Internet economy, profitability is now a matter of survival!

The Solution: By subscribing to and incorporating The AskRex Solution, an online travel related site could substantially increase its current, disappointingly low "look to book" ratio. Likewise, the less expert staff in travel agencies, tour operations, airline vacation desks, etc. can use AskRex as a desktop tool. The AskRex's proprietary software provides personalized vacation COUNSELING based on the user's psychographics, travel habits, wants, needs and desires.

Our pioneering, specialized software allows for the virtual replication of a trusted
and experienced travel counselor who has the expertise and patience to guide the user through an interactive analysis of his travel habits and desires. Its front-end application integrates into our proprietary "REX-ized" database of medium and high-end pre-selected and preferred cruises, escorted tours, packaged tours and hotel/resorts travel products.

Our unique "REX-izing" process adds the "knowledge and experience" of Rex
Fritschi - a 50+ year veteran - and his staff to each pre-selected travel product. The approximately 6,000 travel products included in our proprietary database have been enriched with travel intelligence on specific service components and trip parameters. (This database can easily stress the preferred travel products of a supplier.) Each travel product is scrutinized, assessed and tagged for over 190 identified psycho-graphic traits, personal preferences, age, physical challenges, duration of trip, type of trip, date of travel & departure point, amenities, topography desired, benefits, activities, travel habits, and budgets before it is added into our proprietary database. The interactive front-end counseling application completes a profiling process. When integrated into our "REX-ized" database it provides the user with its own personalized travel vacation offer based on what he entered in his profile**. Such a focus on a specific vacation product, built on the user's own preferences will substantially increase the "look to book" frequency, generating more travel sales and increasing consumer satisfaction and - above all - loyalty! **This customer profile becomes the perfect tool for all important Permission Marketing!

AskRex provides the critical missing component. As the first and only travel application
to offer the online public "an interactive counseling" service, AskRex will facilitate a higher percentage of completed transactions. Our application will enhance existing online travel sites that, up till now, only offer leisure trips with limited, inflexible user interaction and unrecognized user preferences.

The Company:
Leisure travel, along with the usage of the Internet, is growing! Yet, at the same time, economic problems are forcing thousands of travel agencies to close. The public is forced to turn to the Internet for vacation planning with many seeking personal counseling and guidance through the plethora and confusion of available leisure/vacation travel options. Currently, the online travel sites and most remaining travel agency staffers lack the power of guiding the user to the right vacation solution and offer nothing more than an electronic or real "brochure rack".

AskRex will assist the online travel and travel related company to greatly improve its profitability by capturing a significant portion of the lucrative leisure travel market, this by merging the human experience factor together with our state-of-the-art technology. The proprietary nature of this unique technology, in combination with the extensive experience of Rex Fritschi, our founder, being immersed in the leisure travel industry for over fifty years, and his team of travel professionals assures that the AskRex Solution will provide a much needed service to the already crowded and growing Internet travel space.

Please visit the site: www.askrex.com

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